Green Lebanon {Taanayel Farms}

Another great outing for families is the Taanayel farms, in the Bekaa Valley, only 60 minutes drive from Beirut.

A convent, a dairy farm, a great lake, plenty of trees, alleys and oxygen!

our kids taking picture of us!
our kids looking at sleeping cows!

Grab your friends and take the ride to Taanayel, it is worth it…

For a prolonged experience, visit and book a weekend at the Eco Lodge Taanayel, managed by Arc-En-Ciel, few minutes drive from the Taanayel Lake and farm. For more info about the Eco Lodge, you can read my previous post “Disconnect”


3 thoughts on “Green Lebanon {Taanayel Farms}

  1. It was a beautiful day……came back grateful to have these getaways , where we can renew even for a day!

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