danish gourmet food

My last visit to Denmark led me to the cuisine of my cousin’s husband! Two nights in a row, I was treated like a star, with home made bread, delicious cooking and great wine…Discovering other people’s culinary talent is an inspiration in itself and here are some snapshots of what my taste-buds were experiencing:

carpacio de saumon served with s squash of lime and shredded horse-radish, , to be served and eaten pronto!

Cauliflower Puré served with nuts, celery and cauliflower bouquet!

After dining the delicious food, my cousin urged me to take her bike and stroll to the nearest shopping area, instead of taking the bus. It has been 10 years since i really biked and the temperature was around 6 degrees Celsius, which in Beirut would be considered as middle of winter temperature!

My reward for biking and freezing was this:

and more of this

and finally my cousin surprised me at dessert with the most delicious flodeboller (snowballs or chocolate coated marshmallow treats!)

all in all a gourmet experience for the senses, the pallets and the eyes…

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