eat fruits

Having a very sweet tooth, i sometimes forget that fruits can give as much pleasure as a bar of chocolate!

Living in Lebanon makes you eat fruits much more, for the simple reason that they look so delicious at the grocery stores and the local merchant, they are abundant, colorful, smelling of sun, and just plain gorgeous!

Having lived in Europe where you buy the fruit by pieces, we seldom had an abundance of fruits at home, mostly 2 bananas, 3 apples and a couple of oranges! In Lebanon you buy fruits in crates or kilos, which is not necessarily for a large family,  that is simply how you can buy them!

One thing is to buy the fruits, the other is to actually eat them! Health gurus tell you to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day! so, in order not to forget them at the bottom of my fridge, and having my dear husband finding them and feeling sorry for them, I am now displaying them all over the house in beautiful bowls and plates.

At least we see them, and if we feel the sweet tooth calling, it is so much easier to grab a double red crunchy apple or a handful of dark red cherries!

What about you, when do you eat fruits? if any?


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