{Milou} the dog

Milou is our white Spitz. He is now 10 month old. Funny, clever, at times naughty, happy dog. Having a dog requires energy, I must admit, but it also gives energy.

Imagine coming home after a long day spent in traffic, working, getting groceries, quarreling with stupid drivers, and then opening the door to your home to find the most loving, happy, jumping and funny dog greeting you with joy, jumps and spins.  Imagine a dog that starts dancing when it hears the word “marcher”, which means walking in french, or that runs and hides under the dinning room table when he knows that he had done yet another stupidity!

Milou is taking a special place in our home and our life. I know that it will be living with us for many and many years. I know that taking Milou on vacation is not always an option. I know that we need to take care of him, feed him properly, wash him, walk with him (oh and we are walking!!)….I also know how my kids are around him! they laugh more, giggle, run around the house, although sometimes in their mind playing means making him go crazy and barking.

I learned a weird thing by owning a dog in Beirut; many people are afraid of dogs. Some cross over the street when they see me walking with Milou. Others jump aside at his bark. Some children run away with screams. I have never imagined that a dog like Milou could provoke such fear. Which led me to think that Lebanese people didn’t not grow up with the culture of dogs at home. “Dogs can bite. Dogs are dirty. Dogs should be outdoor”. and so on…

Last night at the request of my husband, my kids made a poem in french about Milou (this is part of the goodnight ritual, making them work on a little project together! It creates a lot of fun and interesting moments!).

so here is the poem:

“Milou est blanc comme un oeuf

Il mange comme un boeuf

Milou est blanc comme neige

Quand il est sale il devient beige

Milou ressemble a un loup

puisqu’il est un Spitz Loulou

Milou, je l’adore

il est comme de l’or”


And this is the translation (which unfortunately doesn’t rime like in french):


Milou is white like an egg

he eats like an ox

Milou is white like snow

when dirty becomes beige

Milou, I adore him

he is like gold

Milou is like a fox

as he is a spitz loulou”


adorable, no?
Do you have a dog? How is it living with it? would love to know…



2 thoughts on “{Milou} the dog

  1. I grew up with a poodle, Leelou, did I ever tell you that? Had “her” for thirteen years. She was mine, but my mom was doing a lot of the work! But Gypsy, that was her name, quickly knew who was the mom, who would take care of her, feed her, etc., and who was the kid in the house, whom she would play with and keep company.I loved having her, especially growing up with no siblings. So, yes, I understand how having a dog can be for a family. Except, it is like having a baby that never grows!! lol

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