8 am; a monent of peace

One of the privileges of being “a home-working mom”  (yes, we do work, even if we don’t have a salary at the end of the month!), is the moment where i return back to my house after walking the kids to school (and our lovely dog Milou), I make my Strawberry-banana smoothie and my coffee, sit back on the balcony and enjoy a moment of peace. These moments are rare, funnily enough. Last time I sat like this without having a 1-meter long to-do-list was months ago…

So to all of you out here (especially my husband who is 1000’s of km away right now, probably getting ready for his meetings) running around in traffic, sitting behind your desks, having meetings.. i salute you and send you the warmest thoughts…

I feel blessed to be able to sit and relax, while listening to music and Milou by my side…

Here is the fast recipe for my delicious smoothie:

a handful of frozen strawberries
two small bananas
1 cup plain yoghurt
1 tbsp oat flour (or regular oats)
1 tsp honey
Mix all the ingredients in a blender

Drink right away!

Wishing you a lovely day…


6 thoughts on “8 am; a monent of peace

  1. soo sweet Leila! blessed to have u as a friend;) keep enjoying being a mom, a wife n mots of all a woman who enjoys simple things in life..as joe cocker once sang, the best things in life..r simple things! wishing u a lot more to come:)

  2. Wish i was there with you :)…and i totally understand these moments and cherished them, before the storm, aka the 4 kids came back from school!!!

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