a huge word.

my cousin and I often discuss motherhood, its different fases, its peculiar responsibilities, its weird impact on ourselves and on our surroundings… My cousin became a mother at the age of 19. Very early. Barely an adult. She now has four gorgeous kids, two are at universities, the youngest still at school. She has gone through all stages of motherhood with her tribe. And I find it fascinating when i see them all around her, talking, sharing, demanding… a world of their own.

I myself became a mother in my thirties, have a boy and a girl, both below the age of 9, which means i still have a long way to go before they go to university! But everyday spent with them brings a mix of joy, laughter, crazy situations, fear of the unknown, exhaustion, conflict resolution, and much more.

What is sometimes hilarious in comparing our different stages of motherhood, is that the kids will end up growing, no matter which educational technic, which parenting idea, what lifestyle guru you are following. If you go by the book with the first born, you merely are experiencing the trial and error method. You discover that your child is not by the book, that he needs a personal adaptation of the rules. By the second child, you start knowing the good and the bad, the easy and the tough. You become more tolerant, more cool and less demanding. I don’t know about having more than two kids, but i can imagine that you become very experienced and well routed with the rest.

Bottom line is: kids need love. They need care. They need tenderness. They crave limits. They need guidance. They want freedom. All of this and more.

But at the end of the day, they need to know that you are there if they fall, your arms are there to hold them, your ear to listen, your heart to give and forgive.

Here are some funny and wise quotes about motherhood.. enjoy…


2 thoughts on “motherhood

  1. Motherhood is a never ending job, it will last a lifetime, that is the fun and not so fun part of it, there is no retirement! But i would never give up having my 4 kids for anything in the world…Here’s to all mothers!!

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