Sunday afternoon in quiet {Beirut} ; La braderie des Livres

I love Beirut the most on a Sunday. Streets are silent. Cars are rare. People sleeping, at the beach or having lunch at their in-laws.

You can go from A (one side of the city) to B (the opposite side of the city)  in less then 10 minutes. You suddenly discover roads with trees and buildings with balconies. You have time to look and breath.

The quietness of the city lead me to La braderie des livres at the USJ university campus in Ashrafieh, where known bookshops display an amazing amount of books to very interesting prices. Mind you some of the books are in a bad state, I wanted to buy “Le Petit Prince” in a pop-up version, but all 4 of them had torn covers, beyond repair, which didn’t entice me to pay 18 usd for the book.

Nevertheless, my browsing was very fruitful, I got not less than 8 cookbooks!!! it sounds crazy, I know, and i haven’t even thought about where to place them in my already filled library, but the books were too good to leave on the tables and I am definitely including some of the recipes in my home menu (it desperately needs a lifting!), and will also share them with you in due time…

I once read that reading a cookbook was like traveling; smells, colours and spices flavours our imagination…

Here is a peek of my new findings…

La braderie des Livres is open everyday from 4pm to 9pm, until sunday June 17.

Don’t miss it…


6 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon in quiet {Beirut} ; La braderie des Livres

  1. I should stop reading your blog. One of these days I’m gonna put my kids in my suitcase and take the first plane to Beirut!!!

    • oh wow!!! that must be the best compliment i have received in ages!!!! thank you!!! and please do put Beirut on your traveling plans, for the future…

  2. Leila i brough from there the delightful n devilishly tempting ”101 things to do with chocolate” !! n yes it seams there are..101 recipes:) anytime u would like to try them let me know i can come n assist watch preparations take pics n.. do the tasting:)))

    • most welcome… and I hope you will see all the good things about Beirut.. it is a crazy wonderful full of contrast city! you can get “time out Beirut”, it has a lot of info…

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