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tired of burning tires? {Beirut & pollution}

Lately Beirut is experiencing a growing fuming trend; people are angry and frustrated and are burning tires here and there, blocking major roads & polluting our not so clean oxygen.

{photo from Al-Akhbar}

Reasons for NOT burning tires (from

1 Burning tires releases a toxic soup of pollutants. Children are especially at risk. Hundreds of different toxic pollutants are created by burning tires as well as a tremendous number of small particles that settle deep in the lungs.

2. Tires are not designed to be burned as a fuel and contain hazardous ingredients

3. Fine particulates are significantly more hazardous to human health than larger particulates. Toxins collected on the surface of fine particulates are aspirated by humans and lead to lung disease.

4. If those 3 reasons are not convincing, then go here and read more!

And if you are tired of burned toxins, then please got to Bojka Design Studio and see what how they have transformed our lovely tires! Inspiring and happy ideas! Comme quoi, the Lebanese spirit blooms in creativity during conflicts!

Way to go Bojka!

{bojka revamped tires}

and this is more funky tire art!

alternative playground with tires {lisastown}

Lets hope the burning tire saga is ending soon, because 33 degrees and black skies are NOT my idea of a nice summer!



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