on my way to vacation…


A year has passed since we last spent our summer vacation in Denmark!

And now is the time again.

Luggage are being prepared (mostly warm clothes as the summer has not graced Denmark yet), animals are being dispatched to sweet friends and family that will take care of them (one dog, three sea turtles and three fish), plants are being spread to neighbors and concierge, cupboards are being emptied for food (time to eat the organic frozen chicken!)…

I am slowly getting prepared to walk in green areas, riding buses and metros, chatting with my old friends over endless cups of tea, sitting talking to my 94 year old grand-mother (hoping yet again that this will not be the last encounter with her), spending time with my cousins, showing my kids the endless parks and playgrounds…

Simple vacation where friends, family and nature are on the menu are my favourite.. that is where we recharge our batteries, get inspired and breathe…





And for those less privileged than I, have a lovely summer, where ever you are…


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