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byblos; music & drinks

BB KING was here.


Yes, at 86, he still travels, sings and plays (a little bit) on Lucille, his famous guitar! Byblos Festival hosted him on July 5th, together with an almost full moon, fireworks and an eclectic crowd. Some people had even come all the way from Mali to listen to the great Legend of Blues.

It was quite an impressive moment when he entered the stage, helped by two other musicians, looked at the crowd with his big smile and waved. Despite his lack of energy during the actual concert, his fingers barely touching the guitar, his voice was still powerful and at moment spread like a warm blanket over us.

Blues is about taking it easy, and that is how BB KING offered to perform. In an easy, mellow, sometimes slowish way…making us linger for more.

To see him live, sitting on the red velvet chair, perform with Byblos ruins in the back and the Mediteranean Sea in front of him was quite an amazing moment.

A concert in Byblos is a must during the summer season in Lebanon, not only because you get to hear amazing artists, but also because of the cosy and sometimes crazy nightlife happening in the old charming streets…Part of the scenery are locals selling freshly baked manousheh (our local thyme or cheese pizza), hot corn (sold from a bike station), and colorful stools at funky cafes…

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