sunset and honesty in Kikhavn

The cottage we are renting in northern Sealand is surrounded by lovely sceneries, among them chocolate brown cows,

the house of Knud Rasmussen, the famous danish explorer that discovered Greenland,

magnificent sunsets,

wild stone beaches

and an adorable lighthouse.

Walking through the maze of cottages, we stumbled on this.


A cute display of homemade produce from a garden nearby, kiwi jam, strawberry marmalade and homegrown tomatoes and potatoes. All priced and with a bucket to collect the money. No salesperson in sight. Up to each one of us to make our choice and leave the correct change in the bucket.
Talk about honest behavior! very surprising for us to see! and refreshing to discover a part of the world where honest behavior is still valued and appreciated.

A little forest nearby offered us a great walk making us feel like kings of the kingdom!

Yes, Denmark is the land of Oxygen…


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