Danes on wheels

It is amazing to see how bicycling constitutes the major transportation devise for the funky Danes… 6 year old and grandmothers, entire families on their Christiania bikes (bikes with an attached box, also suited for placing kids), pretty tanned girls, youngsters with their mobile phones, others with their dog in their basket, and those listening to their favourite music through their mega silver headphones… all on wheels.

The Danish government creates special paths for cycles, mostly in major cities; in Copenhagen there are around 400 km of them. Recently Greenways were created, to ensure a safer and “prettier” road for bikers, from one end of the city. They are special routes, dedicated to bikers who need to cross town to reach their work, ensuring a pleasant ride with little or no cars on their way. Today at least 100 km are ensured as Greenways.






For more funky info on bikes and bikers lifestyle in Copenhagen,  visit Cycle chic.  It is quite entertaining!

And if you live in a country where biking doesn’t necessarily mean suicide (like in Beirut), then grab a bike and off you go…the sense of freedom once you are on those wheels is amazing…


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