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what would you want to pass on to your kids?

Facebook has loads of pages filling you with even more loads of quotes and personal development tools… Some on them are quite interesting and sometimes challenging.

Today I read this question from this page :

what would you want to pass on to your kids?

200 answers so far, mostly about Love & Respect.

Very simple answers but in my opinion also vague and not concrete.

Love is necessary and  important to LIVE, but what does it mean, and how does it work? Off course we love our children and we want them to love us in return (which they automatically do until the age of 12!). And I am sure that they will go through a sea of experiences where LOVE is the common thread and where they will learn what it means and what it carries.

Surely Respect is also a nearly forgotten value that needs to be re-integrated in the vocabulary of the next generation (and by this i mean respect of HUMANS, of NATURE, of ANIMALS, of ONE SELF).

But don’t we want our kids to learn how to be happy? and teach them what happiness is? that happiness can be a flickering moment that almost evaporates when you try to hold on to it? that happiness is free of negative emotions and resembles new snow in a forest? that happiness is created through personal work, through forgiveness and kindness?

Happiness has many doors and many roads.. One of them is the ability of Forgiving and forgetting. My experience is that once we achieve those two often related notions, freedom and happiness is permitted to enter. How can one be happy if he has grudges, if his mind is filled with bad memories, if he feels like the world is against him?

what I want to transmit to my kids is this: the love and appreciation of a sunset, the warmness of a hug, the ability to tell the truth and not to be afraid of it, the capability of saying Sorry and I forgive you, the strength to move on despite hardship and sorrow, the positive attitude to Life and its greatness… and many more… hope i will have time to give them all of it…

What would you like to pass on?


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