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It always intrigued me that some bloggers have thousands of followers, endless comments and “likes”, while others perfectly interesting, funny or enriching would not attract many viewers nor followers. How do they do it? What do they write about that is so popular? You would maybe tell me that it doesn’t matter if my blog is popular or not, whether i am drowning in comments and likes or not. I would be lying if I told you that it didn’t matter. Because it does. At the end of the day, I am sitting behind the screen, sharing something with the world and my excitement leaps when someone has read it, comment it or just forwarded it. It tells me that someone  out there enjoyed my “creativity”. spent a moment reading it. Felt something and wanted to write back. This interaction is truly addictive and makes you want to create more. Hence the topic of this post.


Where does it come from? why are some people creative and others not? Why do people think they are not creative? or not capable of being creative?

Creator of the 4th dimension, Steve jobs, said  “Creativity is just connecting things”. As in being able to see a different connection and making it real…

Good old Einstein has a different but quite witty quote about Creativity: “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”. aka, hide your inspiration and make everyone believe that you have produced something New, Original and Worthwhile!

But can any creative person be labeled genius? or successful? how to get from creative to genius?

Singer & artist David Byrne  from the Talking Heads, has a very clear way of answering that question: “It seems that creativity, whether birdsong, painting, or songwriting, is as adaptive as anything else. Genius — the emergence of a truly remarkable and memorable work — seems to appear when a thing is perfectly suited to its context. When something works, it strikes us as not just being a clever adaptation, but as emotionally resonant as well. When the right thing is in the right place, we are moved.”

How to become creative?

“Creative minds” say:

Constructive analysis of creativity points out recurrent personality traits in artists,  such as

independence of judgement (i.e be yourself, have your own meaning),

self-confidence (don’t care what others think),

attraction to complexity (has a tendency to like bizarre things?),

aesthetic orientation (interested in the myriad colours of the sunset?),

risk-taking (get out of our Comfort Zone!),

and openness to experience (stop being a follower and make your own experience)…

The paths and ways to be creative are in my opinion accessible to all…But it Demands an open attitude to life, a love and passion for leaving some trace behind, a need to communicate a thought, and we shouldn’t forget the context and time frame, which could makes you popular and successful.

The right thing at the right time, giving the right emotion.

7 thoughts on “creativity & success

  1. Damn! Now you are sending me on a guilt trip! And giving me lots to think about on the way………
    I fully agree with Henry Matisse…..if you lack courage to embrace what you think you can be creating…..then you will be killing any chance of exploring it further and finally maybe succeeding in producing one fine creative work! Courage and self-confidence, indeed!
    Thanks for the reminder……

  2. I think some blogs having endless followers and others much (much much) less is not about creativity but about being commercial, about sales and marketing. You can have the greatest most creative and unique blog in the world but if you are not writing it to get followers you just won’t.

    It’s like the long list of singers with perfectly beautiful great voices who will never been known to a large public while entertainers with much less talent will. It’s all about selling. Selling your work. Selling your talent. If your talent is selling, then you’re lucky.

    I have been writing for many years for different websites and magazines, could be any subject from finances and politics to fashion and weddings and some of these articles will be read many many many times even though I won’t have written them with the heart. It’s just the job.

    But then, like yesterday, I will sit down and write some piece on my personal blog about me and my daughter and a great memory we have and then maybe two people will read it and if I’m lucky one will comment or like. That’s just how things are. If one day I want people to actually read my personal blog, I guess I’ll just have to make it into a job as well……………..

  3. hey leelouz,

    Allow me to thank you for these writing about texts and topics fascinating and interesting that written in your charming pen. I feel happy when i read your words Leila

    Z. Barakat Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 08:53:48 +0000 To:

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