Food {kids lunch box}

One of the recurrent questions asked among moms is : what food to give to kids to school!

We all want them to have a decent snack or lunch, packed with healthy and nutritious vitamins. But we all know how tedious it is sometimes to be creative and diverse and to keep the kids enjoying their home packed meal.

So here is some inspiration from martha stewart, parent magazine, sif orellana and superhealthykids!

Wouldn’t you love to eat those?

{Parents – 2007 issue}

For more inspiration got to Superhealthykids and browse…

Martha Stewart has inspiring and healthy ideas too,

and what about these sushi like chicken wraps?

sushi chicken raps

or these cheese and ham kebabs?

colourful kababs

or My newly found favourite danish food writer, Sif Orellana‘s chicken ball kebab?

Bottom line; it is more or less the same ingredients but combined in new funky and delicious ways….

enjoy and happy kids lunching!


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