women’s friendship {vitamin for the soul}

I come from a third generation with no sisters! Both my mother & grandmother had brothers, and so have I. We don’t know the concept of sisterhood in its first meaning, but what we do know is the concept of friendship with other women, friendships that last against all odds, separations, difference in culture, in thoughts, in characters, marriages, divorces, tragedies, kids, work, career, sickness, health, loss and much more….

Few nights ago, I saw what friendship could perform. A friend of mine threw a surprise gathering in celebration of another friends birthday party. She had graciously gathered the right people, with the right mood at her place where a breathtaking view of Beirut’s million flickering lights, the Mediterranean sea and the Lebanese mountains were our backdrop.

The event was sweet, warm, generous and made us all smile. A true moment to cherish.

Friendship has many faces and its presence in our lives is so powerful when its genuine. It lifts you up when you feel like so heavy that even breathing is hard, it stimulates you to sometimes become a better person, it reminds you that you are not alone, it makes you forget the tediousness of everyday life, it adds wits, spirits, laughter and some craziness to your world.

I also saw how friendship helped a dear friend pass through probably the toughest time of her life seeing her dad being hospitalized. Her friends made her forget for few moments how sad the situation was. They probably gave her some sanity in a world where no logic or sense prevails.

Bottom line… Friendship keeps you going. It is worth working on, it is worth spending time on. It is our vitamin for a better day…

Grab the phone and call someone that you love but have not seen in a while. You will make that person very happy…


4 thoughts on “women’s friendship {vitamin for the soul}

  1. ❤

    Good relationships are like trees.
    They demand attention & care in the beginning,
    but once they blossom they provide you shade in all situations of life.


    I truly see your point, me no sisters, mum ditto, grandmother ditto….maybe it makes us more appreatiative of freindships with our girlfriends?


  2. You did it again; brought tears to my eyes….You understand exactly what these friendships mean to me, and giving love back only makes you happier….seeing your friends happy is a wonderful thing. I am so, so blessed to have met you all, these friendships have inspired me as you said to be a better person , always made me feel not alone, it just made me live a better life in many way. So thank you, thank you all for being in my life. Love ya

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