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Life is weird

The past 6 months have been a mixture of sorrow and happiness, the real kind, the kind that makes you wake up at night with tears, the kind that makes you wonder why all of this is happening, the kind that makes you feel ALIVE, the kind that makes you stop and look around and wonder…

My family has lost two persons in a few months, a young beautiful soul and the oldest friend of my dad. Both tragic losses. I have been through a semi bad car accident, that miraculously left me and the kids unharmed. My 94 year old grandmother has been on the verge of leaving us few times this year, making it harder and harder to say goodbye. And lately a child in my care fell from 4 meters on his head, and survived again miraculously…

My life so far has been a sweet river of happiness. With some waves once in a while, but pretty waves, that make you stronger and wiser. I have been blessed. And still am, big time.

Nevertheless, that latest events are accumulating a heaviness in my heart, which i am dealing with, but find sometimes hard to carry. The only way I can keep smiling is by accepting the events, the losses, the tragedies and be thankful for all the good around me. There is no other way.

To all of you out there, who need to be reminded:

Things happen for a reason.

We deal with it,  learn from it, and move on.

And remember to always by thankful. 


2 thoughts on “Life is weird

  1. Leelou! Your blog was just nominated in the 101 list of most popular blogs in Lebanon!!! WOW! See, life is sweet as well….
    I believe tough things happen to tough people who can hamdle it…..and if you keep on doing what you do, keep calm , smile and surround yourself with positiveness and good friends, you will just waltz through life…..
    Good Luck

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