Solidarity among Lebanese

It is heart warming to see people in action, especially after a disaster that shook literally the entire city of Beirut last Friday. A car bomb exploded in the middle of the day, targetting a political figure. Many people got injured and lost their home. It didn’t take long for the Lebanese to start helping each others. Three hotels nearby offered 1 week free stay for the people directly affected by the blast, a young dynamic group calling themselves “Ashrafieh 4 all” started  gathering clothes, food & medicine, which anyone can donate at the headquaters of Nasawiya in Mar Mikhael, and Les Petits Soleils offered medical support and help to uninsured children injured by the explosion.

How to get to Nasawiya for donations

For more info on {Ashrafieh 4 all},

go to their facebook group,

send them an email : e-mail :

or call on tel : 03686764.

they are in need of Volunteers.


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