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I often ask myself, why it is so difficult to make some changes in life…How many times haven’t i tried to change something in my behavior, and then give up too soon or simply forget to focus leading to yet another trial?

I am thinking diet, i am thinking writing a book, i am thinking educating my dog… i am thinking of the zillion projects that we always pin down on our “bucket list” but somehow never get to achieve them or make them come true..

Change can be frightening. What if the change would bring something worse to our life instead of making it better? What if the change we want to make needs a lot of persistence, of consistency, of focus, of control and it all becomes too overwhelming?

For change to happen, we need to be fed up with our status quo, at least it works that way for me!

Then we need to have a vision of where you want to be, as what are the goals, how does it feel to be there, how does it look like.

To get there, focus is probably the main ingredient, as in remembering everyday why we are on this particular journey, remembering the vision, fighting all kind of challenges and hurdles that will undeniably cross your path to make you fail at what you are aiming to do.

And last it is important to feel that  only we are responsible for the change to happen. We are the ones making it happen and living the change. Not anyone else…

Does it mean that we need to grow up in order to want to change and make the change happen? 🙂

Some quotes your way…

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  1. i’ll be the first one to read ur book Leila, you have magic way in the write. (very interesting subjects & realistic) so, write a book please

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