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best advice….

I stumbled across an interesting blog, “The better man project“, written by Evan Sanders who is trying hard to become a better person. His blog is filled with quotes, all of them nice to read, but sometimes difficult to live by! In my opinion all quotes are great to read and difficult to follow… Haven’t you pinned or shared a wonderful quote on pinterest or facebook, and discover how many people in your entourage “Like” your quote, but in reality, is there even one person who would do an effort and try to include the words of wisdom in their daily path? it requires a constant remembrance and again (see my previous past on FOCUS), a lot of focus!

What made me remember this blog is one of the pages called Best Advice. I expected a series of quotes again that the author had gathered and lined up for us readers to read. But no, I was mistaken, the blogger had made a page where all readers could contribute with their personal Best Advice I Ever Got…Nice.. Much more personal and hands on… Take a look and write your own…

As for me I will give you an advice that my cousin has discovered by herself, and which has helped her (i hope) overcome life tragedies…

I am using it myself, when things are too overwhelming and crazy, I think that nothing lasts and well the heavy stuff will have an end….And it usually does…

Do you have a good advice to share with me? Would love to hear it and know from where you got it…

Until then, take one day at a time, and enjoy it…


9 thoughts on “best advice….

  1. Yes, I do have one, pretty much the same as yours, but it is the one I have been getting through with…”Tomorrow, is another day”….last words of Scarlet O’Hara (Vivienne Leigh) in the last scene of “Gone With The Wind”….when she was dressed in black, lying across the grand stairs crying, then she looks up, expression totally determined and says “Tomorrow, is another day”….Since I saw this scene, this “quote” if you will, has never left my mind :))))

    Then of course, there is the one I tell my kids when they seem miserable, and we end up in hysterical laughter ” HacunaMatata “! loool Of course you know that’s from that beautiful movie The Lion King…..Why are all my quotes from movies???? loool

    • scarlet O’hara is a wonderful person! so dramatic, feminine, yet strong and merciless! love the quote.. i use it too, reminds me of another one i keep telling myself: Keep walking!!!! yahneh don’t stop and moan!!! hehe πŸ™‚

  2. “:) Smile and wave…just smile and wave”…always good when the world is cracy around you …lol…thanks to the penguins of Madagascar πŸ™‚
    I personally dont think I have any problems about focusing on the true meaning of the quotes…Its just a matter of focusing on a few rather than all of them or too many at a time πŸ˜‰ some are more universal than others, and some are more important to me and those have priority!

  3. “This too shall pass” did effectively help me. It tool a long time i admit (had to really remind myself over and over again!), but it worked. I agree with Mette that some quotes have more meaning to you than others, and you try to apply them to your concern. Now, it’s all about visualising for me! I visualise and work hard for what i want from life and hope my vision works!

    • it worked for you and it is working for me in my daily life…even for smaller things! visualizing sounds like a good idea…whne you see the outcome, then it is easier to get there? miss you cara…:)

  4. This too shall pass has been something that really does keep me positive, I love it. It makes me appreciate the good that I have, knowing that nothing can really last. & makes me look at bad things in perspective knowing that it will end. Life is constantly moving & we should move with it to keep afloat. You cannot choose what life brings your way, you can only go with the flow πŸ™‚

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