to give

On french TV last night, an interesting concept caught my attention; a little shop where everything is for free has opened 3 years ago in Mulhouse, Alsace in France. The shop is called “le magasin pour rien ” ( the shop for free). Money is not allowed, and the shop survives from donations. It offers all sorts of objects, donated by people, for others to benefit. It aims at helping those less fortunate, that may be in need of lets say cups, blankets, a lamp, and many more, but cannot afford to buy them. Each person can get three objects for free, per week! and the shop is never empty of goods, as it is creating a wave of donors, who would rather give away some hidden things in their attics or basements, and make other people benefit, than keeping them for ever!

no price tags!

no price tags!

I loved the idea, especially that we at this time of the year, are surrounded by a massive wave of consumerism, of unbeatable offers for clothes, house items, electronics and toys. We are attacked right and left by ads promoting things that we know we can live without, and the frenzy of buying is making me dizzy.The concept is also a true wake up call for us, we need to give more, recycle more and throw less. We need to learn to buy less and maybe be happy with what we have.


Wouldn’t this idea be a wonderful project for our cities?

In the hope of a better world, I would like to add another generous act to do, the perfect gift, that can save lives;

written on a coffee cup, in a cafe in Beirut!

written on a coffee cup, in a cafe in Beirut!

for more info, visit DSC‘s (donner sang compter) facebook page, and make a generous gesture this year (wherever you are in the world!).

Happy Holidays…


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