{January} decluttering

On January 1st, 2013,  I decided to start my year with a major de-cluttering. De-cluttering means removing clutter; be it in a home, in your head, in your drawers, cupboards, even in your body (although that is more of a detoxing challenge!)! Yes a Major clean up.

Cleaning up always make me feel lighter, happier, more energetic. The fun part is that you more or less see the result right away (at least after few hours of hard work!), but the result is visible, which in a way motivates to do more! Besides having a nicer place to live in, it has been proven that clutter in our living space drains your energy, adds to depression, re-enforce your lack of esteem (as in how can you be a successful person when you have no idea where your tax papers are?!), lessen your ability to focus on more important projects, makes you less productive!

Cluttering is a human behavior. We keep things sometimes because we do not know when we might use them, because we cannot make a decision right now and ditch the decision process to later (but to when?!), because we hate to let go, because humans are hoarders (compulsive collectors). For the last 3 years, I have kept a box of magazines in the hope of reading them again one day! The other day, I faced the box, went through the lot, browsed through them, found few good recipes and ideas, and gave the whole batch away! The box is now empty and waiting to be filled with my Christmas Decoration! This is a tiny example of hoarding that could be transformed into a de-cluttering project!

But where to start? A home is a mix of several rooms, and in my case we are four persons and a dog, meaning we have books, clothes, toys, and stuff in each room!

My friend Mette (the one living in Beirut, as I have another one living in Denmark!) suggested this site: The January Cure by apartment therapy. Signing in was a piece of cake; you get one email a day with tips and advice on how to start re-organising your home, room by room. Great!

The “cure” is all about taking it step by step. As is planning, listing, taking one project at a time, while adding nice features in between such as getting fresh flowers for the house and cooking a special meal.

Some of you might be natural organizers! and some others (like me) are not! We need a bit of guidance and focus and off we go!

So, for those in need of more info, tips, the following links are a filled with ideas!

The January Cure

54 ways to declutter

organised home (my pinterest board)

Clutter Clearing 101

Your Total Home Organizing and Decluttering Guide by houzz

Why we clutter

A fine mess (huffintonpost)

Happy de-cluttering! (will keep you updated on my personal de-cluttering journey!)

keep calm

2 thoughts on “{January} decluttering

  1. Great post !So whether you connect with the emotional side of decluttering, the practical side, or both, you have very good reasons to start making your home a better space by making it a clutter-free space. In short, to remove mess and disorder (in this case unwanted stuff) from your life.

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