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{Beirut} remains of a forgotten era






Waking in the streets of Beirut brings you sometimes back to a forgotten era, where cars where few, trees were many and houses were grand, simple and lovely (and people probably nicer?).

Taking pictures of what remains should be a priority; these houses are disappearing one after the other, leaving empty spaces, that will be used as prime parking locations and later, a base for unbelievably high glass tours, reaching the clouds and the sky above, and giving a sense of power to their owners. I once read that we, people, need to sleep, live and be close to earth, it is better for our health and mind…I am not sure we are getting that in Beirut! Feng Shui wise, the energies of the grounds need more time to travel to higher floors, thus taking longer time to work and create positive energy…

What I love about these houses is first of all the simplicity of the lines, the red tiles roof top (for houses not buildings), the fer forge balconies and front doors, the pastel colours chosen for each one of them, the wooden shudders also painted in bright colours, the very high ceilings inside, the large main square room from where you can access each part of the house. An overall peaceful aspect.

Here are some pictures I found through the net, showing you fabulous interiors of these great houses..



house of May Daouk, Beirut

keyrouz mouzannar home batroun

house of Kamal Mouzawak and Rabih Keyrouz, Batroun

sietske in beirut old house

lebanese hosue

{Architecture digest}

Hangout restaurant, Beirut

Hangout restaurant, Beirut

And for more info about old Lebanese houses, this children’s book gives lovely explanation and drawings. The book is translated into English and Arabic.


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