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I have previously written about our instant life (here).. and yes, with technology many things (nearly) becomes instant; news, comments, information, coffee, photos, blogging, sms’ing…

But let us not forget that life is a long-term project, including loads of other long-term projects. This is where we have to remember that TIME must take its course, and we need to let TIME work…It took me three years to get over my heartbreak…It took me years to re-learn the Arabic language, to speak it nearly fluently and to be able to read and understand an Arabic newspaper without asking the meaning of every other word. It took me many attempts to learn to drive and get my driving license at the age of 24. It is taking me a lifetime to learn to detach and let go from relationships that drain my energy (still working on that)…

…and it will take time to lose the weight that I have been wanting to lose for many years now.

…it will also take time to write the book that is currently in my head, wanting desperately to be printed.

…and it will take time to educate my kids and make them independent, as each development requires a new area of expertise, thus needing new thinking and new decision-making.

Here are the source for my thoughts today:

The first one is this sweet reminder I read on Decathlon Lebanon’s facebook page :

smmer bodies

Yes, it takes time (and effort!!) to get into that gorgeous swimsuit body!

And the second is a quote from this lovely children’s book, called L’enfant des Cedres (The child and the cedars) written by Lebanese author Desiree Sadek, that my son brought with him this weekend from the school library;

l'enfant des cedres 2

“How long time will it take to see the cedars fully grown?” asked the little girl. Little boy Nabil answered: ” The time it needs” (in french: le temps qu’il faudra).

What a wonderful answer. I tend to forget that life and living take their own time, and at some point, when it is time, things will happen…The secret is to trust, live and see time do its work…

So, today when in a hurry or if being impatient, take a moment to remember what Nabil said, and let TIME take its due course. Let Time be your friend, not your enemy.

Have a wonderful week…


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