Instagram and me are becoming friends; here are some shots i took while walking. If you are a fan of Instagram, you can follow me here.


Ramlet El Baida, or “white sand”. The ONLY public beach in Beirut, unfortunately only in its name…Beiruties do not use this beach in summer, they prefer to pay 40USD a person, and spend a day at the fancy resorts…


Lebanese University and airport of Beirut seen from 9th floor in Baabda!



Golden cranes in every single corner of Beirut. Soon 30 floors buildings popping up and no sky to see…


Remains of old Beirut, still to be seen in the small streets of Ashrafieh, Hamra and Marelias. An old wooden door painted in pastel colours, iron wrought windows, a plastic chair (i don’t know anyone who doesn’t own such a chair in his home!). But soon, again, this house and many more will be torn down…

Have a good Tuesday people, where ever you are…

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