{comfort zone}

I haven’t been posting lately, not sure why, but it happens sometimes that inspiration lacks and is nowhere to be found…Until this moment, where having prepared lunch for my children, made me realize that i haven’t been cooking interesting dishes either, nor reading books, nor doing anything at all for the matter.. A sort of hibernation, that should stop right now, as I am not a bear and need to get the groove going!

do you also experience this sense of inertia in your life, where nothing is making you going?

It is annoying, and yes non productive, nevertheless maybe quite challenging and fruitful at the end of the day. Sometimes a time of inertia leads to a burst of energy with tons of new ideas and motivation. Sometimes these moments make you aware of how you usually spend your time and makes you realize that you are not happy with the way things are and need to change one or two things.

Sometimes, like right now, my moment of inertia is making me realize that i have been cuddling within my comfort zone much too long and that I am afraid of peeping outside the zone to see whether life is still moving…and surprise! LIFE is buzzing outside my comfort zone… People are having babies (and thus sleepless nights and magical moments with their new-born), others are starting new projects, others are trying to find their way in the business world…Life is buzzing and wow i need to catch up…

comfort zone image magic

So, being in the kitchen today, cutting tomatoes , cucumbers and olives for my tuna salad, kind of woke me up and reminded me how i love working with food, inventing dishes, trying new ones and feeling creative.

I am happy it did…

so now let’s be creative….:)

outside-comfort-zone , myoneresolution

{pic from myoneresolution.com}

comfort zone

comfort zone image

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