happiness in LOVE {a post-valentine thought}

“Le secret du bonheur en amour, ce n’est pas d’être aveugle mais de savoir fermer les yeux quand il le faut.” – Simone Signoret


“the secret of happiness in Love, is not being blind, but knowing when to close your eyes.” – Simone Signoret

I posted this today on my personal facebook page, a post-valentine love quote, and got contradictory comments. Some agree and others disagree, which made me think again about the quote…

Indeed in LOVE we become blind, at first. We don’t see imperfections, flaws, stupid comments, bad behavior! all we see and hear are the sweet words, the endless messages and phone calls, the constant attraction and need of contact and interaction…until LOVE becomes a relationship and not a flirt anymore, and the repertoire of feelings change, deepens and broadens. You start acknowledging that the other person is still mr or ms X, but the aura is changing, becomes more human, less angelic, immortal and ideal… if you discover a total stranger, then I am afraid that LOVE is up. Meaning, time of happy LOVE is up… which then give you either the possibility of going away, or you start seeing the REAL person, his or hers qualities, actions (not only words), you see how he or she makes you feel when you are together, how you want to share time with that person, be with that person, how you need to have a future with him or her… Being blind is good, to begin with… but it doesn’t last. It evaporates, like a fog on a rainy day… then sunshine? or more fog?

In any case, closing your eyes at some moments in LOVE, might help LOVE continue its course, and blossom, and be stronger and why not, happy..

So i would agree with Simone Signoret (famous french actress who had to deal with competition with Marilyn Monroe!) in that happiness in LOVE would depend on the ability of closing your eyes from time to time, selectively, as long as shutting your eyes doesn’t mean that you become stupid and living in denial, but because shutting our eyes are a way of acknowledge that we are all human (yes we are!) and that we too might have done, said or acted in a way where we wished that the other person would close his or her eyes and let go, and chose to focus on what you do have in you life, cherish it, nurture it and make the best out of it…

My perception of LOVE might seem less naive today than 20 years ago, but doesn’t that mean that i am growing up and maturing? you tell me…

Hearts tree


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