Beirut Hamra {wall art}


{logo of NASAWIYA; women’s organisation working on gender justice in Lebanon}

Amazing to walk down the streets an early morning and clicking away with my camera! I love those spontanious moments, and i cherish what I see and hope to be able to give you a sense of what the street spirit is at that moment…These pictures are snapshots of the walls around the amercain university of Beirut, and down the small streets towards the sea.



{LEZEM ; a word for MUST in arabic, ie we MUST change the world!}


{graffiti lovers; we love graffiti or we are just in love?}


{kola in arabic, as in COCA COLA?}


{this cow is just hilarious!}


{i love ART too}


{ i even found my husband’s name!} ❤

Next post will be about more pictures from that area, about the remains of very old Beiruti houses!


7 thoughts on “Beirut Hamra {wall art}

  1. i know another graffiti more expressive than this in unkown in Saida place for the girl i always see her at 6 am monrning drawing and painting u should all see her amazing work!

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