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Beirut Hamra {remains of an old era}

There is one street in Hamra area, that makes me feel that I have trespassed time; a narrow path taking you from the American University of Beirut down to the corniche and the sea. It has a mix of ridiculously expensive high rises as well as left overs from an era where people didn’t have mobile phones, internet, and color TV.

Here are some of the pictures I took.. cherish them. the next time you will pass by, they might have been reduced to a pile of ashes.

chained for ever

{chained for ever}

we do have addresses, but never use them!

{we do have addresses, but never use them!}

a hole in the wall

{a hole in the wall}


{this boat must have many fishing memories!}


{nothing left but a hole in the door…}


{probably a beautiful women once lived there…}


{i just love that colour}


{a house in its last breath…}


{a way of holding on to the crumbling wall?}

More of those pictures in my next post…


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