Make {Sunday Crêpes }

crepe fromage-001

crepe 2-001

Sunday morning is the day we make crêpes (thin pancakes)! Usually my husband makes them, but this time it will be me as he is away on a business trip and won’t be back before tomorrow…:(

The recipe is quite simple and needs 5 minutes to prepare. However I remember my mother placing the batter in the fridge for half an hour, to rest she said, but I am not a patient person, and I frankly don’t think it makes any difference in the taste, only in its consistency, it becomes a bit thicker while standing!

So for the ingredients: (for approximately 8 crêpes)

1 egg

1/2 cup brown flour (any kind would do, buckwheat flour…)

1/2 cup white flour (I like mixing these because it gives a nicer, thicker and healthier texture)

2 cups milk

2 tbsp melted butter

pinch of salt

pinch of sugar

Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl.  The batter should be liquid. Heat a frying pan very well, and pour 1/2 cup of the batter (or less if you want them thin) on the very hot pan (first one might stick to the pan, you can avoid this by adding a little bit of oil or butter to the pan). Cook 1-2 minutes, flip over the crêpe and cook for 1-2 more minutes. I like the crêpes to be golden and crispy.

For salty crêpes, serve with either cheese (i used goat cheese), ham, or even a slice of smoked salmon. For sweet crêpes, nutella is the favourite in our house, but I personally prefer a squash of lemon with a dash of sugar, or a teaspoon of marmalade…Be creative, try out your favourite flavors…If you have some crêpes left, wrap them in aluminum foil and keep them in the fridge.

Extra trick: something I learned from my husband; add 1 or 2 tbsp “zaatar” (Lebanese mixture of dried thyme and sesame seeds) to the batter, this will add a totally new flavor, the crêpes will be flavored, salty and crunchy.



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