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la journee de la femme {women’s day}


without secularism there is no freedom {www.journee-de-la-femme.com}

Seeing, hearing and reading about women’s destiny around the world creates turmoil within my mind. I get sick in the stomach hearing about rape, abuse, circumcision, slavery, child prostitution. then i get proud in my guts reading about the woman who have taken their destiny into their hands and shaped it like they have planned to, forgetting conventions, rules, what one can do and can’t. they were strong in their guts and wanted something and went after it, not holding back because of her husband, father og other manly figure in her immediate family.

Today I see foreign women working 12 hours a day in our homes, cleaning and doing the dirty job, sending their entire wages to their husband in their home land, who uses it all up on other women or booze.

I see women tangled in 20 years long marriage, being mentally and physically abused by their husband and not knowing that they can break free.

I see women shaping history by believing that the universe has reserved a piece for them and they just need to wake up and grab it.

I see women not accepting to work because their husband is out of job and they don’t want to make him feel less valuable.

I see my danish grandmother going to Paris alone at the age of 18, to learn the profession of sewer with a famous french designer.

I see my daughter dreaming of becoming a singer and winning the competition of the Voice, and becoming a lawyer making lots of money so that she can help the poor become less poor.

I see my mother marrying into a complete different culture, language and religion and trying to fit it all in a world of contrasts.

I see myself juggling, making sense of it all and wishing to teach my daughter that life is here to grab, people are here to respect, money is here to make things happen, love is here to soften your heart and will is here to shape your life, and freedom of choice is here to seize.

I am sending this thaught to all women in my life first, who are all wonderful, inspiring and admirable, and to all women that are not as blessed as I am, that still need to be educated, protected, believed in, let free and respected.

And this greeting is for my flesh and blood, my grandmother Ingrid, my mother Annette & my daughter Sara, whom each in her own way have shaped me and continuously is my source of inspiration <3.

leila moussa


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