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Hiking in Lebanon {Nahr Barouk}

A hiking trip in the mountains of Lebanon is one of the best outing one can do on a beautiful Sunday (except having lunch with parents or in laws! :))…At 8 am last Sunday, we gathered at the parking facing the National Museum, to take the bus trip organized by Footprint. 75 persons were as eager as us to explore the much needed nature of Lebanon. Surprisingly we were not the only ones with children, a couple from Holland had brought their adorable two little blond girls with them, both under the age of 5! Amazingly they walked all the way during the easy level hike, which was a 5km stroll along the river of Barouk in the Chouf mountains.

A lovely green area, with amazing scenes…



the Barouk river, still at its peak, but will soon be a mere shadow of itself!


a beautiful stone bridge, one of many in the neighbourhood


just beautiful!


more waters along our path


my hiking buddies!!!


wouldn’t you love to just lay there?


hopefully this house will be restored!


lovely spring!

2013-03-10 14.10.45

a magical spot for a house!

2013-03-10 14.03.45

olive trees standing like soldiers

2013-03-10 13.41.46

a well deserved break for our youngest hikers!

2013-03-10 13.37.59

fresh spot with loud water falls!

2013-03-10 12.08.12

once upon a time…

2013-03-10 12.07.47

looks like a monster trying to catch something!

2013-03-10 12.07.01

purple spring

2013-03-10 12.06.38

my favourite place!

2013-03-10 11.52.30

a little hut in the middle of nowhere!

2013-03-10 11.36.58

change of direction!

2013-03-10 11.34.43

follow the path…

2013-03-10 11.26.14

perfect hide-out

For more info on organised tours by Footprintsclub, click here, and if you are interested in knowing more about the chouf mountains, click here! you will discover a stunning protected reserve loaded with opportunities for hiking and exploring.

Hopefully more hiking sundays to come!!!

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