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Leelou travelling {Brussels}

Spending a weekend away from home makes it all the more special to come back. When you leave your daily routine for a brief moment, however short, you restore your energy, you open your horizons, you feel, smell, see different colours, shapes and sounds. You forget your life for a little moment and you embrace something new. A short weekend away from home is worth the hassle of flying and waiting in airports. It is an adventure.

My little adventure took me last weekend to the bilingual city of Brussels (French and Dutch), where my husband have monthly meetings. An interesting city, where Modern and Political Europe is entangled in medieval Europe. Mind you, Brussels is not Paris, I have to say that from the beginning (yes I am a big fan of Paris, having lived there for nearly two years). But Brussels is an eclectic funny city, mixing the extremely modern and glass shaped structures with the prettiest medieval squares, cathedrals and townhouses. People in Brussels are as multinational as Paris, London or New York. I had expected more locals wandering the streets, taking the metro or the tram, but no, it is a very mixed city. All languages being spoken on the streets. French was definitely not the most common.

I believe that the charm of Brussels lays majorly in its fascination of CHOCOLATE! I have never in my entire life crossed as many chocolate shops and stores in such a short time. Every where you go you see chocolate, you smell chocolate, you taste chocolate. The well-known brands such as Leonidas (my favourite) and Godiva, side by side to local artisans. For more detailed info on where to go and indulge in the luscious world of chocolate click here.

The architecture of old Brussels is quite fascinating. Have a stroll in the old town:









Beautiful, isn’t it?

And of course I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of this little famous chap, who is believed to have saved the city of Brussels from burning down with his constant peeing! He was not naked as I had expected, but was wearing this funny little red gown, representing “the Order of the Carabin of the Free University of Brussels”!


Don’t miss my next post about BRUGE, also called “Venice of the north”, the Flemish city that stayed in the Golden Age.


One thought on “Leelou travelling {Brussels}

  1. ‘Manneke Pis’ (little peeing man) is sometimes naked, but changes clothes and attribute regularly; according the happenings in the city and celebrations taking place.

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