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Leelou explores {Bruge}

As I told you in my previous post, my latest weekend adventure took me to the city of Brussels. The second day of my visit, my husband and I chose to visit a nearby city, Anvers, Bruge or Leuven. Our guidebook had only beautiful input about all three of them, and we chose Bruge, the largest city in the Flemish Region of Belgium,  as our next destination, partly because of its 1 hour train ride and its second common name “Venice of the north”. It sounded so romantic!

One of my many fascination of Bruge, was the feel of stepping out of the 21st century and into some medieval period, where cars, trains, planes, and phone were not invented. Small stone paved streets, with gorgeous small houses in red or yellow brick, and adorned with the prettiest coloured wooden doors.

Here is a peak of my favourite ones.DSCN0787









As you can see, doors in the old city of Bruge are well kept, well painted and truly a welcoming site for us. The only intriguing part was the lack of locals wandering the streets or sitting by their windows, or simply entering or exiting their lovely houses. Where they all busy with their Sunday Easter lunch? or are they very private and hate the thousands of tourist wandering and exploring their quite fascinating city?

I never got an answer to that…More of Bruge in my next post. Keep tuned!


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