Live Love Beirut {instagraming Beirut}

Last Week a Social Media Award night was organized, highlighting the buzzing world of social Media on the Lebanese Arena…and wow it is buzzing…

Many awards, although some awards could have been given to other wonderful people, but that is the game i guess…

One of the lucky winner (most creative instagram account) is my favourite Lebanese instagram account, called LIVE LOVE BEIRUT. I just told my husband the other day that if anyone in the world could see all the magnificent pictures taken by Lebanese instagrammers of their beloved LEBANON, they would take the next plane and visit this multifaceted country!

instagram pic

instagram pic 2

To view the photos you must access…MUST see…

To join the LIVELOVEBEIRUT world, use #livelovebeirut hashtag on your instagram account… your picture  might be the lucky one to be featured on their account.

Enjoy and keep clicking Lebanese people! you make my day!!!


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