Leelouz cookbooks {a passion}

It is no secret that I collect cookbooks, more than fifty stacked in my library or shelves around the house and in all languages (mainly English, but French Danish and Arabic should account for some). The funny thing is that I love buying them, looking at them, browsing each one of them and dreaming of making all recipes during a month (project that never really saw the light!), but if you ask me how many recipes I have tried from those books I would say a mere 5%? meaning 2-3 recipes per book? that is even a bit exaggerated…

My last acquisition “The jewelled kitchen” by Lebanese Bethany Kehdy made me realize what a treasure i had lined up on my shelves and that it was about time to explore them one by one…Huge and impressive task you may say.. well, this blog should have a new direction or at least a fresh input so why not start with my passion?


I will tell you how I am going to proceed with this journey, and will be sharing my views and feelings as I cook along those books. My inner secret is to be able one day to created my own cookbook (yes) and this journey is definitely going to provide me with a load of material on the how’s, do’s and don’ts… I must confess that my current work at Hachette Antoine publishing house is yet another step towards my secret dream…writing and publishing…the creation of a cookbook is not as it looks (i am experiencing this first hand with my colleagues); it is a very hard and long road where several people must be working in tandem and harmony to be able to give us readers an enticing and inspiring book. Every single entry in a cookbook should be well dosed, controlled, checked and tried! every picture has hours of work behind it (involving up to 5 persons if the cookbook’s budget permits it, more of this in my next post about my food blogger workshop with Bethany Kehdy and co.).

So what characterizes my collection of cookbooks? see for yourself:





a bit of everything really… love Nigella (its is obvious, have 3 of her books), Ramsay Gordon (even if his character seems a bit amplified on TV), and The naked chef (you have to be as quick as Jamie O when trying out his recipes!)… William Sonoma was also a discovery, and the book most used on those shelves must be The soup Bible (a must have in every kitchen if you love soups…). This book has probably food stains on more than one page!

What about you? Do you also have a passion of cookbooks? if yes I would love to hear about it… my library is definitely not complete yet!

Here is a peak on what my next post will be about (today’s menu, inspired by “The Jewelled Kitchen”)…





See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Leelouz cookbooks {a passion}

  1. I do, I do! My favorite one is a French book with Lebanese recipes actually. I’ve worked as a food stylist for some time and I think food and cooking is really a form of art. Good luck with your “new project” !

  2. You know I have this passion too – still an inner one though…..needs courage I think to tackle ingredients as skillfully as you do! You ARE and inspiration! Good luck Leelou with your project, have been a great fan from day 1 and you are on the right track. Things are moving that way…..I always said you will write that book one day, I maintain that statement strongly! ❤

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