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Culinary moment in Madrid

Four days in Madrid is not enough to get all the flavours of this addictive city. However it is certainly enough to give you a taste to come back for more. One restaurant is worth mentioning; El Imparcial Madrid. Created few years ago in the previous location of the newspaper El Imparcial Madrid (keeping the name was a genius decision), the restaurant is barely noticeable from the streets as the front shop is actually a concept store,  mixing cultural events with books, posters, gift items and so on. We would never have experienced it should our landlord not have recommended it.

Entering the place takes you through displays of funky books and artifacts. The stuff that looks good in a shop but looses parts of its charm once you take them home (am amazed at how attractive and cleverly displayed these places are).

To access the restaurant you take the beautiful stairs up to the first floor, greeted by eclectic decor on walls and hanging artifacts.

The restaurant is divided into one main large very lit room and several antichambres for more cosy environment. All furniture seemed to be taken from another era. Retro style. Mirrors. Gold bordered tables. Plush chairs. Round marble tables. Windows offering cosy view of the street and loads of light into the space.


The welcoming and gorgeous setting makes it difficult to dislike the rest of the experience. The food menu is charming, with traditional spanish items such as Patatas Bravas, and Ceviche, but with a little twist transforming it into a delightful and urban feel. Nevertheless not an extraordinary culinary experience. The price bracket is correct, dishes ranging between 6-18 €. I would recommend to stick to the many starters and Hits dishes as they offer a myriad of flavours (in comparison to the extensive pizza list that were normal and a bit flavourless.). Our selection of dessert fell on a delicious crème brûlée with red fruits (2 tiny blackberries !).

Ceviche de corvina con guacamango

A definite must when you visit Madrid, especially if you fancy places with a modern but retro twist and excellent wine.

Spain. Madrid. New building of the newspaper El Imparcial (The Impartial). Engraving. Colored.
Madrid. New building of the newspaper El Imparcial (The Impartial). Engraving. Colored.; Private Collection; (add.info.: Private Collection); Source: Bridgeman Images.

Back when it all started in 1908.








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