About leelou


Welcome to my world. My Name is Leila, born in Beirut, lived mostly in Denmark and Lebanon, where I returned after 15 years abroad. I love writing, cooking, baking & spreading good vibes around me (hence the 52 steps to happiness!).

Being a mix of muslim and christian, Lebanese and Danish, I consider myself Human first and foremost and I am moved by people that act and follow their dreams.

Leelouzworld permits me to discover, share, spread what I believe are essential thoughts, inspirations and ideas in my life.

Welcome to leelouzworld..

the relaxed “me”

13 thoughts on “About leelou

    1. Hi taymour, thank you for your compliments. I am always on the outlook for people making an effort towards offering interesting stuff, especially about the middle east! Keep up the good work!

  1. I just discovered your blog. You can´t imagine how much I relate to your own introduction. You´re doing a great job writing, and the pictures are amazing. Lol from a land far far away.

  2. hi! any chance i could contact you about the topic of one of your older blog posts? (not sure how that works on here. happy to leave my email address as long as you think it won’t get picked up by every spammer around…)
    ~ Chris

  3. I found your blog while I was looking for a way to recycle plastic bottles in Beirut! I really enjoyed reading your posts 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading leelouzworld-! Tin boxes are found almost everywhere. I got mine from denmark. The brand is called kusmi tea, try look them up on the net. Good luck.

  4. Hi Leila, i’m from Jezzine in Lebanon i like your page it’s simply amazing i saw somehow you are interested in art street i know amazing work in some places that no body know about it…, so i guess it deserve to be knowing ..

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