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If you can’t get enough of trees and the wonderful feeling that emanates from their energy,  then this peaceful stroll in the woods of hundested is for you to enjoy…wish I can keep this sense of inner happiness in me for ever..


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I was in desperate need of greenery, of oxygen, of pure fresh air and of nature..a trip to my second home; Denmark,  fulfilled me with all of the above..hope you can enjoy the freshness of it all through my pictures…

{comfort zone}

I haven’t been posting lately, not sure why, but it happens sometimes that inspiration lacks and is nowhere to be found…Until this moment, where having prepared lunch for my children, made me realize that i haven’t been cooking interesting dishes either, nor reading books, nor doing anything at all for the matter.. A sort of hibernation, that should stop right now, as I am not a bear and need to get the groove going!

do you also experience this sense of inertia in your life, where nothing is making you going?

It is annoying, and yes non productive, nevertheless maybe quite challenging and fruitful at the end of the day. Sometimes a time of inertia leads to a burst of energy with tons of new ideas and motivation. Sometimes these moments make you aware of how you usually spend your time and makes you realize that you are not happy with the way things are and need to change one or two things.

Sometimes, like right now, my moment of inertia is making me realize that i have been cuddling within my comfort zone much too long and that I am afraid of peeping outside the zone to see whether life is still moving…and surprise! LIFE is buzzing outside my comfort zone… People are having babies (and thus sleepless nights and magical moments with their new-born), others are starting new projects, others are trying to find their way in the business world…Life is buzzing and wow i need to catch up…

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So, being in the kitchen today, cutting tomatoes , cucumbers and olives for my tuna salad, kind of woke me up and reminded me how i love working with food, inventing dishes, trying new ones and feeling creative.

I am happy it did…

so now let’s be creative….:)

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comfort zone

comfort zone image


I have previously written about our instant life (here).. and yes, with technology many things (nearly) becomes instant; news, comments, information, coffee, photos, blogging, sms’ing…

But let us not forget that life is a long-term project, including loads of other long-term projects. This is where we have to remember that TIME must take its course, and we need to let TIME work…It took me three years to get over my heartbreak…It took me years to re-learn the Arabic language, to speak it nearly fluently and to be able to read and understand an Arabic newspaper without asking the meaning of every other word. It took me many attempts to learn to drive and get my driving license at the age of 24. It is taking me a lifetime to learn to detach and let go from relationships that drain my energy (still working on that)…

…and it will take time to lose the weight that I have been wanting to lose for many years now.

…it will also take time to write the book that is currently in my head, wanting desperately to be printed.

…and it will take time to educate my kids and make them independent, as each development requires a new area of expertise, thus needing new thinking and new decision-making.

Here are the source for my thoughts today:

The first one is this sweet reminder I read on Decathlon Lebanon’s facebook page :

smmer bodies

Yes, it takes time (and effort!!) to get into that gorgeous swimsuit body!

And the second is a quote from this lovely children’s book, called L’enfant des Cedres (The child and the cedars) written by Lebanese author Desiree Sadek, that my son brought with him this weekend from the school library;

l'enfant des cedres 2

“How long time will it take to see the cedars fully grown?” asked the little girl. Little boy Nabil answered: ” The time it needs” (in french: le temps qu’il faudra).

What a wonderful answer. I tend to forget that life and living take their own time, and at some point, when it is time, things will happen…The secret is to trust, live and see time do its work…

So, today when in a hurry or if being impatient, take a moment to remember what Nabil said, and let TIME take its due course. Let Time be your friend, not your enemy.

Have a wonderful week…

{January} decluttering

On January 1st, 2013,  I decided to start my year with a major de-cluttering. De-cluttering means removing clutter; be it in a home, in your head, in your drawers, cupboards, even in your body (although that is more of a detoxing challenge!)! Yes a Major clean up.

Cleaning up always make me feel lighter, happier, more energetic. The fun part is that you more or less see the result right away (at least after few hours of hard work!), but the result is visible, which in a way motivates to do more! Besides having a nicer place to live in, it has been proven that clutter in our living space drains your energy, adds to depression, re-enforce your lack of esteem (as in how can you be a successful person when you have no idea where your tax papers are?!), lessen your ability to focus on more important projects, makes you less productive!

Cluttering is a human behavior. We keep things sometimes because we do not know when we might use them, because we cannot make a decision right now and ditch the decision process to later (but to when?!), because we hate to let go, because humans are hoarders (compulsive collectors). For the last 3 years, I have kept a box of magazines in the hope of reading them again one day! The other day, I faced the box, went through the lot, browsed through them, found few good recipes and ideas, and gave the whole batch away! The box is now empty and waiting to be filled with my Christmas Decoration! This is a tiny example of hoarding that could be transformed into a de-cluttering project!

But where to start? A home is a mix of several rooms, and in my case we are four persons and a dog, meaning we have books, clothes, toys, and stuff in each room!

My friend Mette (the one living in Beirut, as I have another one living in Denmark!) suggested this site: The January Cure by apartment therapy. Signing in was a piece of cake; you get one email a day with tips and advice on how to start re-organising your home, room by room. Great!

The “cure” is all about taking it step by step. As is planning, listing, taking one project at a time, while adding nice features in between such as getting fresh flowers for the house and cooking a special meal.

Some of you might be natural organizers! and some others (like me) are not! We need a bit of guidance and focus and off we go!

So, for those in need of more info, tips, the following links are a filled with ideas!

The January Cure

54 ways to declutter

organised home (my pinterest board)

Clutter Clearing 101

Your Total Home Organizing and Decluttering Guide by houzz

Why we clutter

A fine mess (huffintonpost)

Happy de-cluttering! (will keep you updated on my personal de-cluttering journey!)

keep calm

to give

On french TV last night, an interesting concept caught my attention; a little shop where everything is for free has opened 3 years ago in Mulhouse, Alsace in France. The shop is called “le magasin pour rien ” ( the shop for free). Money is not allowed, and the shop survives from donations. It offers all sorts of objects, donated by people, for others to benefit. It aims at helping those less fortunate, that may be in need of lets say cups, blankets, a lamp, and many more, but cannot afford to buy them. Each person can get three objects for free, per week! and the shop is never empty of goods, as it is creating a wave of donors, who would rather give away some hidden things in their attics or basements, and make other people benefit, than keeping them for ever!

no price tags!
no price tags!

I loved the idea, especially that we at this time of the year, are surrounded by a massive wave of consumerism, of unbeatable offers for clothes, house items, electronics and toys. We are attacked right and left by ads promoting things that we know we can live without, and the frenzy of buying is making me dizzy.The concept is also a true wake up call for us, we need to give more, recycle more and throw less. We need to learn to buy less and maybe be happy with what we have.


Wouldn’t this idea be a wonderful project for our cities?

In the hope of a better world, I would like to add another generous act to do, the perfect gift, that can save lives;

written on a coffee cup, in a cafe in Beirut!
written on a coffee cup, in a cafe in Beirut!

for more info, visit DSC‘s (donner sang compter) facebook page, and make a generous gesture this year (wherever you are in the world!).

Happy Holidays…