{Dec 4} Alfie & Advent wreaths

pink or Halloween wreath?
funky wreaths {from pinterest}

Today is 2nd Advent Sunday. Advent means “the arrival”, in reference to the date of birth of Christ, you count 4 sundays before Christmas eve. It is a tradition in the Nordic countries to light a candle and let it burn during the entire Sunday. The second Sunday you light 2 candles and so on.

Alfie’s assignement for the day is to create a wreath. Usually leaves, branches and berries were the main ingredients, but today people are getting so creative and have evolved to making wreath out of straws, mirrors, candies, Christmas balls, paper and so on.

Alfie was not very sure that his wreath would be chosen best wreath of the day, but he had fun making it.

Can you guess which one he made?

wreaths by {ordyandjoon} & {trulynaturallyme}
wreaths by {prettyhandygirl} and {lh5}
wreaths by {blossombliss} & {eddieross}

{Dec. 3} Alfie tells a story

Elf illustrations by Jenny Nystrom
illustration by Jenny Nystrom

On the 3rd day, Alfie was asked to tell a story about elves. This was a crucial part of his training, as children often asked questions about elves, about who they were, where they came from , what they did all year round..

So here is what Alfie told:

There are light elves and dark elves. Usually light elves become Santa’s helpers, as the dark ones are only interested in being mischievous and make pranks to people. For example they hide stuff in our homes, colour the tap water odd colours or replace salt with sugar! Yes, that can happen and you better be nice to elves, or they will make your life miserable!

In the very old days, elves used to live in forests, or deep inside hills and mountains. Now they prefer to stay beside people, and live in stables, attics or even inside houses. If you have an elf living with you, he will bring you good luck and protect you from strange and evil intrusions.

Christmas elves always live in large families, they need to be surrounded by older and younger generations, they love to eat porridge with a bit of melted butter, and they also adore smoking the pipe!

Beside protecting our homes, red hooded Christmas elves must help Santa with choosing, wrapping and delivering gifts. That is their main assignment during the year! The rest of the time they just smoke pipe and play!

Alfie finished talking,

It was time to rest. Tomorrow, Sunday was a big day. He would be celebrating 2nd Advent Sunday with his siblings and parents. And maybe he was alowed to play a bit with his friend and eat Christmas cookies.