INSPIRATION / new horizons


Today I want to share with you a site that is keeping me updated and inspired on the design scene. Amazing the mount of creativity, of crazy projects and ideas, of  people’s ingenuity… The site is called FUBIZ, and has since 2005 offered videos, photos of latest art, design, product design, technology, graphism, photography, motion, … Continue reading

3 lovely things

3 websites…

KNOWLEDGE INFO that doesn’t necessarily make you more intelligent, but will add some sparks to your general knowledge, and why not learn something new every day? TODAYIFOUNDOUT is a cool sight, fun, interesting…/ Read… Learn.. Share… ART Did you ever want to visit the best museums of the world? well here is your ticket; Google … Continue reading


3 lovely things…

Some artists are impressive, take this one for example;  Peter Callesen. He transforms paper into delicate structures. I am always in awe of people who create beauty out of simple things, like paper.  It is magical. Imagine the time and effort behind each one of his creation. Go  visit his website; it is worth it… … Continue reading