Beirut: green outings for kids

Spring is here and kids have suddenly materialized a hidden energy package that needs to be used! Therefore, my idea is to bring them outdoors as much as possible, but that is not always an easy solution in “concrete-Beirut”! Fortunately for us, few spots are worth exploring, and they do not take half a day of driving to reach (although traffic these days is literary a NIGHTMARE!).

For parks I usually go to the nearest, Sioufi Public gardens, where a mix of walking trails, play area and duck pond give us plenty of entertainment. Sioufi park, ashrafieh For more action, like bicycling, walking, running or roller skating, we have not yet found green spaces, but the Beirut Waterfront by Biel does give you the opportunity of moving in a pedestrian area, with 5 km walking trail.  It is by the blue Mediterranean sea and well, in the lack of better, I still like strolling there… Beirut by Bike offers one hour of rental for $3. Worth taking the whole family!

More green spaces in Beirut; The cosy park of Horsh Tabet in Sin el Fil.

For those who would like to venture 20 minutes outside Beirut, Baabda Forest gives you a breath of fresh air, in a hilly surrounding, where playground, walking trails, climbing wall are there to keep you busy for few hours!

Do you need more?

The Silk Museum of Bsous (15 km outside Beirut) offers a lovely outing combining culture and planting sessions for youngsters.

Voila.. that is it for now!

Hope it was useful and motivating!

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See you in the green spaces…


Beirut/Baabda; a forest…

escalating tower


green and spring all over...
fancy bird watching?
mimosa season...
pink petals...
the colours of nature
i really liked this!
there is even a map!

Sunday was outing day, where we discovered the forest of Baabda, 15 minutes drive from Beirut.

The forest belongs to the Antonin Monastery in Baabda and is managed by T.E.R.R.E, an NGO promoting sustainable development, protection of nature and natural ressources among the Lebanese Youth.

Walking the 2.2 km trail was an ideal outing for our kids. A playgound, an escalading tower and bird watching cabins are placed in different spots, creating a nice path for all to enjoy. The walking path is lovely and definitely worthwhile returning to.

To ensure a well kept “forest”, there is a symbolic charge of 1.000 lbp per person. An option of making a yearly membership is also available.

Grab your car next time you have an urge to walk in a forest and drive to Baabda, the forest is 5 minutes away from Baabda roundabout…