Live simply: BOOKS & their display…

Books are my love…

A book is like a person, it unfolds its story bit by bit, page by page.

Characters become alive letter by letter.

Reading is like taking a journey in somebody’s elses mind.

Many of us cherish these books and cannot part with them.

So I found some funky, inspiring and traditional ways for keeping, shelving, displaying those dear books.

Hope you will get inspired!

books & stairs, {image from appartmenttherapy}
more stairs display {image from designspongeonline}
use the space above {image from brides}
use the space below {image from ginger-ella}
baskets are better for magazines than books {image from pinterest}
great wall display {image from freshome}
the famous and funky book worm by Ron Arad
artful bookcase by sean yoo opus
my farourite display found at cafe Laundromat in Copenhagen

so, did you enjoy this post? 🙂 have a great wednesday!


3 great books

Books are my sacred haven. Reading is wonderful when you have a great book, when you have time, when you can treat yourself…Reading is like traveling, acting & dreaming at the same time!

My eyes have seen and read hundred of books. Most of them have unfortunately left my memory without trace, but few have marked me, moved, me, inspired me, grown with me. Here is just a  short pick, you might know them:

Oceans by yves simon

Yves Simon is a french contemporary author, he writes brilliantly, and is one of the few authors that makes me love writing. Oceans is about a boy who has never seen the Ocean, and wants to discover what it is…Lovely read.

The perfyme by Patrick Suskind

M. Grenouille is a murderer, who has no bodily odor, who will develop a very subtle smell sense, and whose passion is to create a perfyme that will make everyone crazy about him, when the smell reaches their nostrils… A fabulous read, brilliantly written.  A story out of the ordinary…

Love in the time of Cholera by Marquez

A novel by Nobel Prize winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, where love flows in every page of the book. here love is either ideal, deprived or a disease. It is for the reader to find out…