{christmas} expo at Caprice de Fil

Visiting a Christmas exhibitions in November makes you want to go home and redecorate on the spot! Caprice de Fil is the place to go if you need inspiration and if you have a sudden urge for Christmas! Entering the white little shop (5 minutes away from Antelias Church (15 minutes from Beirut Center) ) today was a sweet experience… walls and shelves were filled with little elves, angels, red and white christmas balls, hand made ornaments, and lots more…my children and I were touching every little piece and seeing it in our home! Needless to say that this was impossible as such beautiful ornaments come with a price… different prices for all budgets. the taste of products is exquisite, pretty, fresh and very Scandinavian…I felt I was in Denmark for a little moment…

What I also found remarkable is the wonderfully hand made ornaments; made by angels I would say,Lebanese Ladies living all over the mountains, working sometimes for months to deliver just one piece. Incredibly refined and lovely.

Here are some snapshots of the shop…

caprice de fil









For more info why don’t you follow their facebook page:

or call them +961 4521710, or visit them at their shop in Naccache Antelias (Rabieh area), opened every day (except Sunday) from 10 am – 5 pm..

Enjoy …ho ho ho….


{made in Lebanon}

Lebanon is booming with creative and productive spirits. Be it in the food business (home baking, chocolate, organic, olive oil…) or artifacts, home accessories,  fashion design, the flow is unlimited…

Buying local should become our first gesture, if not by instinct then by default. It is worth it, price wise, quality wise, creativity wise and lets also add the footprint aspect, where buying locally produced food or items is much more environmentally friendly and politically correct.

In the spirit of pushing people to know more about our {made in Lebanon} label, my aim is to discover and introduce interesting creations and produces from my surroundings, blog about them, not only to share the experience but also to connect and start making people aware of the endless possibilities we do have just under our nose.

Today I will introduce “Caprice de Fil“, a newly upstarted business focusing on a very much neglected field, hand embroidery and “point de croix” . Work that takes hours and hours of detailed and fine tuned hand work. It requires inspiration, patience and the outcome is all the most precious and lovely.

The works of Caprice de Fil are found at their newly opened shop, within a stone’s throw of the northern outskirts of Beirut, in Rabieh. Details can be found on their facebook page, together with a myriad of their creations (see below).

Caprice de Fil shop