Leelou goes back to work…

Good morning everyone! I owe you readers an apology for my lack of posts and endeavor the last 6 weeks…my blog is always on my mind, has been part of my life for the last 7 years, exactly the amount of time i have been taking care of my two adorable children (Georges and Sara) as a full time occupation. But there comes a time where the working environment with adults (!) becomes a necessity for my little curious mind! and 6 weeks ago, I found a job that I like! with adults! dealing with books! how good can it get? I am now a marketing manager for Hachette Antoine, a renown publishing house in Lebanon, dealing with the Middle East. I couldn’t have wished a better place to be. And I owe a big thank you to my readers because my 7 years of blogging have opened up new doors and were partly why i got this job in the first place! being a blogger showed my current boss that i was up to date social networking and that was exactly what my job would be about! So here i am, happy to be working with something i like, and enjoying ever bit of the learning  experience it is giving me…

Funny how your choices end up bringing you a better place…or at least to where you can grow and learn and use your skills…

Deciding to go back to work was not an easy decision and yet it was. The minute i decided to put my wish into action, my angels started working for me…i really believe in synchronicity…things happening in the right time with the right people. Did it ever happen to you?

I also owe a thanks to my sweetest childhood friend Ida, whom i have known since the age of 14. She came to visit me in January, a surprise visit, which actually triggered the big change in my life.. talking to your best friend, and listening to her, makes you realize where you are in your life and what you need to move on.

As for my blog, it is an ongoing process. I will continue my wandering in the streets taking pictures , trying new recipes and sharing them, thinking and exploring and sharing with my readers…

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{from pinterest}


I often ask myself, why it is so difficult to make some changes in life…How many times haven’t i tried to change something in my behavior, and then give up too soon or simply forget to focus leading to yet another trial?

I am thinking diet, i am thinking writing a book, i am thinking educating my dog… i am thinking of the zillion projects that we always pin down on our “bucket list” but somehow never get to achieve them or make them come true..

Change can be frightening. What if the change would bring something worse to our life instead of making it better? What if the change we want to make needs a lot of persistence, of consistency, of focus, of control and it all becomes too overwhelming?

For change to happen, we need to be fed up with our status quo, at least it works that way for me!

Then we need to have a vision of where you want to be, as what are the goals, how does it feel to be there, how does it look like.

To get there, focus is probably the main ingredient, as in remembering everyday why we are on this particular journey, remembering the vision, fighting all kind of challenges and hurdles that will undeniably cross your path to make you fail at what you are aiming to do.

And last it is important to feel that  only we are responsible for the change to happen. We are the ones making it happen and living the change. Not anyone else…

Does it mean that we need to grow up in order to want to change and make the change happen? 🙂

Some quotes your way…

step 5 to happ(y)ness

this says it all, no?


My experience of life (40 years now!, but who is counting?) taught me that we DO HAVE A CHOICE.


Believe that you have the control, envision what you want in your life, and feel it happening.

I promise you it works. But be ware; LIFE has its own beat, you cannot expect things to change over night, they have their own rhythm.

Have faith for something better.

I read this sentence yesterday, &  it resumes very well my thoughts today:

“Just a change in attitude, and the audacity to believe you can go beyond your present circumstances”.