{Dec.17} Alfie gives special gifts!

It is not always easy to find the RIGHT gift!

You may want to offer something valuable, or expensive, or pretty or practical or simply symbolical!

Here are a sample of what Alfie wishes to give this year!

More time to the people he loves.

time whithin time {bing}

Less bad vibes when he is tired.. (lots of smiles).


Many hugs to those who are true friends.


and maybe some home made cookies…

orange poppy-seed cookies

What do you want for Christmas?


{Dec.14} Alfie wraps the gifts

Wrapping gifts was not part of the fun stuff taught at the Elf Center. It was tedious, difficult and most of the times the wrappings were not too great to look at! But today the elves were going to learn how to make different types of wrappings. Some were simple, some complicated, some delicate and personal, some ecological and funky..

Here is a preview of the most interesting wraps found at the ELf Center.

wrap with letters {marthastewart}
wrapping with letters {marthastewart}
japanese style wrapping {marthastewart}
fabric wrapping {ohjoy}
eco wrap {marthastewart}
kids art wrap {marthastewart}


HAPPY WRAPPING… and remember to recycle paper….!

My new project; Carilou

My cousin and I love blogging & beautiful things. We have been wanting to work together ever since she returned to live in Lebanon, more than a year ago…We have fantasized opening a bridal shop with lovely designs, decoration and personal service. We have fantasized opening an online store with decoration and clothes…All beautiful projects but demanding heavy financing, which is not exactly our stronger force! Making the move and asking for an important bank loan was a bit overwhelming. Months went by and our need for establishing our own business did not wither. At the end of this summer, my cousin revived one of her old ideas; organizing personalized and unique gift baskets. I liked the idea, especially that the timing was good, Christmas was approaching.

Two months later, a lot of shopping and creative thoughts, CARILOU was born!

The concept behind Carilou rests on a multitude of smaller gifts within a large one, creating a theme that would suit either the event or the receiver of the gift. Our Christmas collection has “baskets” filled with Christmas decoration, chocolate, nuts and sometimes a bottle of good lebanese wine.

A selection of our Christmas collection…

Silver and red net plate
silver and white...
Red & white


What about after Christmas?

The concept still works, because we create gifts for new Moms, newborns, birthdays with a theme, graduations, new house, Valentine and so on…

A gift for every occasion…

For regular and updated info; join our facebook page or visit our blog (under construction!).

Happy Monday!!