Green Lebanon {Taanayel Farms}

Another great outing for families is the Taanayel farms, in the Bekaa Valley, only 60 minutes drive from Beirut.

A convent, a dairy farm, a great lake, plenty of trees, alleys and oxygen!

our kids taking picture of us!
our kids looking at sleeping cows!

Grab your friends and take the ride to Taanayel, it is worth it…

For a prolonged experience, visit and book a weekend at the Eco Lodge Taanayel, managed by Arc-En-Ciel, few minutes drive from the Taanayel Lake and farm. For more info about the Eco Lodge, you can read my previous post “Disconnect”



our casa!

Just 50 minutes drive from civilisation in the midst of the stunningly flat bekaa valley lays a little heaven called Ecolodge of Taanayel.  Leaving the city of Beirut for this place is a well deserved treat for moms, dads and kids.. The Ecolodge is designed and built in the spirit of old mud houses; where a central yard is surrounded by adjacent huts, mainly for sleeping purposes. The place quiet when we arrived quickly became filled with laughter and running children as each family picked a room, where 5 to 7 mattresses were placed promoting the old Arabic way of living. Den and bedroom makes one and transforms to the needs of the family.

The Ecolodge is built by a 25-year-old Lebanese Association, ARC EN CIEL, that works towards helping disabled people,  promotes the old way of living (with no A/C and no TV!), and works on recycling programs.

This place gave us peace for a little while.. peace from the hectic city life where every minute counts, where sms’ are roaring our atmosphere, where mobile phones are as important an item to our outfit as our shoes, where internet, facebook, gmail, twitter, wii games and not to forget good old- fashion TV are a must to breathe in the daily life…

What I noticed the most during these 48 hours is how happy we all where to be disconnected from technology and city life..

Nevertheless, we all where happy to come HOME Sunday night, to our own bed, pillow, shower and safe heaven..

Disconnect from your life once in a while… it is worth it…

cosy kitchinette...