November’s Good moments

As promised here are the “moments” of the month;

my table, the way i like it...

A gathering at my place for breakfast, where 6 women with danish background shared fruit salad, cheese scones with cranberries, apple cake, carrot cake, blueberry smoothie, lemon cupcakes and a platter of cheese with fresh baked bread!

A feast, not to be repeated before a month (for health reasons!), but that keeps me going because these girls are so lovely to be with!

Actually this table has been set a few times this month; sunday family lunch, friday dinner “entre amis”…

My husband and I love cooking for friends, the good part of this symbioses is that we complement each other in creating the menu. I usually make soups, salads, pies and desserts. He loves creating subtle main dishes. Together we make a spicy, flavored and rich menu. For inspiration of light and easy cooking, click on FOOD and discover my recipes.

TWO other strong events have flavoured the month of November;

An election (parent committee at my kids school), where I was running with a team of 14 people,  and the launch of CARILOU gift design (my gift basket project with my cousin Rym).

great people...great team work...positive vibes
CARILOU - gift design

Both events have pushed me towards new grounds, have made me meet wonderful people, have opened up so many new opportunities. I feel completely revived after few years of living in “comfort zone”. Comfortable but oh so passive. My 5-week vacation in Denmark woke me up, filled me with renewed energy and sparkles.

Bottom Line: A November filled with action and hopefully more to come!


happy moments of the week

My last post on early memories triggered comments from my friends, which made me go one step further; why don’t we make it a point to jot down happy/blissful/good moments in a diary/book/list/blog, that would enable us to keep track of the good part that our life undeniably must have, but that irreversibly faints with time like perfume on a women’s wrist.

If it is that hard to keep those memories alive, then it would be an idea to mark them down, to hold on to them, because eventually we will be passing through rough times and we would need some kind of push, from our surroundings but also from our selves to keep on moving/hoping/living/fighting/smiling. Reading about positive past moments must be therapeutic.

So here are my picks of the week, which i will be posting on a regular basis on Sundays (my husband will smile at this; he loves when i take new decisions that involves effort on a regular basis!!)

Few days ago, a sad event, the death of a friend’s grand-father, triggered my need to see my 93- year-old grand-mother, who happens to live 3500km away! The strong feeling of wanting to connect with her lasted 2 days, when she suddenly called me! Hearing her voice was exactly what i needed. She must have felt my thoughts and answered them!

Another Good moment this week was when a good friend of mine helped me find a name for a new business that I am venturing in with my cousin! My cousin and I were working on all sorts of names without luck, until my friend, whom I was having a birthday breakfast with, suddenly came with one that we all clicked on. You will be hearing more about this when the new business takes off!

My week is always filled with Good moments, but i will leave you with this quote wishing you a new week with strong & happy moments, worthwhile jotting down!

Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.  ~Pierce Harris