Morning stroll in the street of Hamra {My Beirut}

good old news stands
good old news stands


funky ladies
funky ladies
photography contest ad
photography contest ad
good morning
good morning
remains of art deco style
remains of art deco style
art deco meets hamra juice bar
art deco meets hamra juice bar
valet parking only!
valet parking only!
have a seat
have a seat
oldest shop - Hamra shoes
oldest shop – Hamra shoes

Hamra area {last breath}

and these are the last batch of my walking tour few days ago…I should do this more often…and probably print those pictures and hang them, they really remind me of the Beirut my parents must have known, which must have been a magical time, where bombs, electricity cuts, awful traffic and very bad politicians were not even invented!

{a path to somewhere]
{a path to somewhere]
{an old beiruti house squashed between two high rises}
{an old beiruti house squashed between two high rises}
{once upon a time lived a family in a red bricked roof top house}
{once upon a time lived a family in a red bricked roof top house}
{stairways to heaven?}
{charming orange tree on the 3rd floor, olive tree on the ground floor, and meters of electricity wires to finalise the perfect picture!}

{probably my favourite piece of wall!}

{once three windows!}
{more stairways to heaven…}
{I like the Lebanese flag on that fishing boat…)
{returning from fishing…a huge contrast seeing that fisherman untangling the net while cars are roaming above his head on the bridge, next to the high rise}
{Beirut Corniche, cars driving to work, morning walkers…a normal day}
{ a lovely sight; well preserved old house…}

Do you also live in a city of contrast? Beirut is definitely one of them…

Beirut Hamra {remains of an old era}

There is one street in Hamra area, that makes me feel that I have trespassed time; a narrow path taking you from the American University of Beirut down to the corniche and the sea. It has a mix of ridiculously expensive high rises as well as left overs from an era where people didn’t have mobile phones, internet, and color TV.

Here are some of the pictures I took.. cherish them. the next time you will pass by, they might have been reduced to a pile of ashes.

chained for ever
{chained for ever}
we do have addresses, but never use them!
{we do have addresses, but never use them!}
a hole in the wall
{a hole in the wall}
{this boat must have many fishing memories!}
{nothing left but a hole in the door…}
{probably a beautiful women once lived there…}
{i just love that colour}
{a house in its last breath…}
{a way of holding on to the crumbling wall?}

More of those pictures in my next post…

Beirut Hamra {wall art}

{logo of NASAWIYA; women’s organisation working on gender justice in Lebanon}

Amazing to walk down the streets an early morning and clicking away with my camera! I love those spontanious moments, and i cherish what I see and hope to be able to give you a sense of what the street spirit is at that moment…These pictures are snapshots of the walls around the amercain university of Beirut, and down the small streets towards the sea.


{LEZEM ; a word for MUST in arabic, ie we MUST change the world!}
{graffiti lovers; we love graffiti or we are just in love?}
{kola in arabic, as in COCA COLA?}
{this cow is just hilarious!}
{i love ART too}
{ i even found my husband’s name!} ❤

Next post will be about more pictures from that area, about the remains of very old Beiruti houses!