Patience & me

Funny how life makes you go through stages and makes you wonder what on earth just happened…Few days ago, my patience was nowhere to be found, vanished, disappeared, gone. It happened when i needed it the most. After spending 8 hours with my kids (whom i adore), I had enough of their constant fighting and bickering. One wrong move from the eldest provoked an avalanche of anger from my part. Honestly, who was that women shouting and exhausted? Unfortunately it was me. I then remember “anger management”, the brilliant movie with Jack Nicholson & Adam Sandler, and  I thought, maybe that is what i need!!! Until I got very valuable advices from my sweet friends:

“Being a good parents doesn’t mean you need to be a perfect one

“Go do some sport (preferably martial art!) that would channel your “tension””


Lower your expectations

Eat chocolate” (that is my own advice, it helps, but not in the long run…your butt will remember!)

Accept that things are not always the way we want them to be “

need to print this one in LARGE!


Basically impatience stems from an unfulfilled need to control the situation; whether it is related to being stuck in traffic, kids fighting, hunger, tiredness, stress. Impatience can be dealt with if we acknowledge The WHY behind the state. Once we understand the why, we can start treating it, instead of reacting to it and thus feel hopeless and without control.

And some wise quotes to make us wiser…
A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation. Moliere
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson




today (& tomorrow) i choose to be positive

Listen; LIFE is bizarre.

You think that you have everything set, planned, understood, and suddenly something hits you from behind, knocks you out and makes you wonder what just happened. You get yourself together, you ask yourself: what the f…? and then start dealing with the issue. Time flies and you are forgetting your goals and your path, because you are in the mids of a storm. Feelings and emotions take over… then the storm settles, you remember that you had plans, you try to find a thread from where you can restart. And then life goes on, until next storm…

The point of all this?

Life is Bizarre…

But Life is also wonderful, lovely and sunshine will remind you that tomorrow is another day…

So people: if you are in the middle of a storm, think that sunshine will eventually brighten your sky, that you will feel ok again, that you are going to be all right, that everything will be fine at some point…

{image from designerwife}


Remember: Change is constant, nothing prevails…

and last